12 Life Enhancers

Catherine Davies

I’m generally a very happy and positive person but recently I’ve been feeling really stressed trying to deal with a difficult situation. Tight chested. Tearful. Perpetually tired. Very anxious. Not good.  I have been asking myself what can I do to make things better, then concluding there isn’t anything I can do. And then feeling stressed about that. Round and round. I recently realised there were things I could do, life enhancing things. Love my life-enhancers!

I can hang out with the family. Just being together whether snuggling on the sofa or going on adventures. Spending time with my boys makes me very happy.

I can make sure I eat really well and drink lots of water. I can show my body I care by using every meal as an opportunity to nourish myself with healthy food. I can take recipe inspo from Calgary AvansinoDelciously Ellathe Hemsley sisters so I pack plenty of wholefoods and leafy greens into my diet.


I can drink home-made almond milk matcha lattes from the Mug of Motivation.


I can move my body and feel the rush of endorphins that come when I exercise. I love getting nice and sweaty at a great spin class like the ones at Pyscle.

I can attract life affirming magic by thinking about all the things I’m grateful for, by putting the energy out there that I want in my life.


I can hang out with people who inspire me. I love going to the Welltodo London Founder series to hear health and wellness entrepreneurs tell their stories.

I can listen to talks that give me goosebumps like Steve Jobs famousStanford Commencement Speech 2005 (Stay hungry. Stay foolish.)

I can feel happy that when I look outside my window every morning there is a tree full of blossom right there.


I can laugh at silly things like this man who is stuck in his compost bin.

I can choose not to absorb the negativity of other people and just walk away from things that aren’t working for me. I can continue to develop myself.


I can enjoy being present when I ride Axel and feel proud of the progress we have made together. I love this video on the many differentemotions we feel when riding – sometimes in a single moment, trust me.


I can meditate to create some space simply to be. I have a app called Insight which has lots of great guided meditations like this beautiful one with Mooji 


These are 12 of my life-enhancing things. What are some of yours? xoxoxoxoxoxo